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InStyler Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this product the same as the InStyler that I see on TV and at retail stores?

No. The InStyler IQ is completely different. It was designed for professional stylists and their clients only, which is why it is only available to, and through, professional salons and select beauty supplies.

How is the InStyer IQ different from a flat iron or curling iron?

Flat irons compress and then bake the hair between two extremely hot plates. Curling irons bake hair in place while wrapped around an extremely hot cylinder. The InStyler IQ rotating barrel gives hair the heat it needs to help style and straighten while adding body. The rotating barrel does much of the work that the other tools require more concentrated heat to do, which leads to damage. The InStyler IQ’s ionic bristle pods separate the individual hair strands allowing optimal contact with the barrel and curved smoothing plate ensuring all hair is evenly styled without crushing or creasing, or creating frizz.

Can I buy this InStyler Professional Rotating Tool at any retail locations?

No. You can only buy the InStyler IQ through professional salons and select beauty supplies.

I already have a hot iron. Why do I need the InStyler IQ styling tool?

The InStyler IQ straightens hair, curls hair and adds volume, body and shine to the hair. Instead of a variety tools, with the InStyler IQ, you only need one. Even though it is recommended to go slowly, the InStyler IQ still gives faster results than a flat iron or curling iron.

What if I have questions about my InStyler IQ styling tool?

You’ve come to the right place! The InStyler Pro website,, is a great resource when you have questions about the InStyler IQ. Click the Education link for styling tips to help you get the most out of this new styling tool. You may also contact our customer service department at (800) 307-0078 and they can answer all of your questions.

I am a salon professional and I am interested in carrying the InStyler IQ styling tool in my salon. Can I place an order with you?

The InStyler IQ will be distributed through professional salon distributors across the country beginning August 1, 2012. Please leave your contact information or follow us on Facebook for updates.

Can the InStyler IQ be used with all types of hair?

The InStyler IQ is great for all hair types. With multiple temperature settings from 225° – 430°F and multiple bristle pods for different hair textures, you can customize in order to meet the specific needs of your clients. In general, for fine thin hair a lower temperature setting would be best, while coarse, thick hair would respond better to a higher temperature setting.

We also have made the InStyler IQ available in two different barrel sizes. The ¾” (19mm) barrel is perfect for shorter hair and tighter curls, while the 11/4” (32mm) barrel is perfect for medium to long hair and loose curls or beachy wave. Both barrels will add volume and shine to the hair.

Can the InStyler IQ be used on hair with hair extensions?

The InStyler IQ can be used on hair with real hair extensions. Make sure you start with your InStyler IQ below where the extension is attached to natural hair. Do not pull the InStyler IQ through with any pressure, as you may pull out the extensions if you are not careful.

What is the function of the InStyler IQ bristle pod?

The InStyler IQ bristles are made of ionic heat resistant nylon. The bristles separate the hair to ensure even styling while adding shine and luster. The bristles pods are removable and interchangeable for use on different hair types, and for ease of cleaning.

How do I clean my InStyler IQ?

Cleaning the InStyler IQ is very simple. Make sure to first disconnect it from the power source, and make sure it has completely cooled. Wipe the outside surface with a soft damp cloth. Be sure to wring out excess water before applying it to the InStyler IQ. A mild soap can be added if necessary. The Bristle Pod can be removed and lightly scrubbed and can be sterilized with a disinfectant wipe. Do not submerge or soak the Bristle Pod in liquid disinfectant.

What is the Thermal Guard, and how is it used?

The InStyler IQ Professional Rotating Iron is a HOT tool, so just like your traditional flat iron and curling iron, you should be careful to avoid having the hot surfaces come in contact with skin. To assist you, we have included the Thermal Guard. The InStyler IQ can be used normally and will not interfere with styling techniques when the Guard is in place. DO NOT REMOVE OR ATTACH THE THERMAL SHIELD UNLESS THE UNIT IS COMPLETELY COOL!